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Burn Boot Camp Commercial

Written September 2023

A commercial to highlight my place of work. Showing off the importance of self-care in the form of working out.



Writing: News

From the Ground Up

March 2023

A play encapsulating grief from a mother (Mia), father (Peter), and son (Easton) after they lost a son/brother. Mia takes her emotions out on the rest of her family while Peter lays around all day, depressed, not knowing what else to do. This causes a rift in the family. Watch as these characters emote their way through the five stages of grief and come out stronger.


Other Writing

Writing: News

Clips of My Life, A Poem Collection.

December 2021 - Current

Clips of My Life is exactly the title. Every line is how I feel. This collection of poems goes through my life from late 2021 to now portraying all the family, relationship, and personal ups and downs.

Image by Nicolas Messifet
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